In the second episode of my µC adventures I’m not losing any time and directly approach the thing that I started tinkering with electronics in the first place.

The device I’m going to build is supposed to measure the water level in out rain water tank. And of course the measured level needs to be submitted to a server on the Internet via WiFi which is the main reason why I’m using the ESP8266.

After browsing the Internet for a few minutes I figured the best way to go would be with using capacitance to measure the water level. I wanted to have high resolution so any solution that would involve using conductivity of the water (which I found used in quite a few project write-ups online) is out of the equation.

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Trying to wet my feet with micro-controllers I just started to play around with the ESP8266 which I find much more sexy than any Arduino that I’ve seen so far. Most probably because of the visual experience – I’m a visual guy when it comes to tech after all. ;-)

I’m also trying to start doing write-ups of my progress. I always wanted to do that but newer really got myself to actually do it. So here it is: My first post about my adventures in the world of micro-controllers.

The micro-controller I chose for prototyping is a MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV from Olimex. First of all it is breadboard friendly. Secondly it exposes all of the chip’s pins and has 2MiB of flash memory which should be enough to house even more sophisticated projects. (Which I can’t judge yet because of lack of experience but I go with the rule of thumb that more usually is better.)


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