Trying to wet my feet with micro-controllers I just started to play around with the ESP8266 which I find much more sexy than any Arduino that I’ve seen so far. Most probably because of the visual experience – I’m a visual guy when it comes to tech after all. ;-)

I’m also trying to start doing write-ups of my progress. I always wanted to do that but newer really got myself to actually do it. So here it is: My first post about my adventures in the world of micro-controllers.

The micro-controller I chose for prototyping is a MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV from Olimex. First of all it is breadboard friendly. Secondly it exposes all of the chip’s pins and has 2MiB of flash memory which should be enough to house even more sophisticated projects. (Which I can’t judge yet because of lack of experience but I go with the rule of thumb that more usually is better.)


To get started on the wiring and software side I bought an e-book on Amazon which I found had the right amount of information to get me started but not too much to make me put it down. I’m really not that of a book guy when it comes to tech. The internet and a good search engine are just the right thing to get all the information I need. But in case of the ESP8266 the Internet let me down.

Actually the book did, too because the pin naming in the book is not 1:1 compared to the chip even though the author said he used the same module as I did. That was why I was buying it in the first place.

Now I started with my first sessions on the breadboard by basically following the book. I will post more as I go. Just that much: I started my micro-controller adventures not just for fun (even though it is a lot of fun) nor did I because I wanted to do exactly that since a couple of years now. I started because I have an actual use-case which I want to cover any I wanted to see how hard it is to create a device for that my own.

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