Thanks for stopping by because you found this link in relation to my vBot. vBot was a nice little project I had going for digging deeper into Perl. It actually made a lot of fun and turned out quite nice. It was modular, easy to add new functionality and it still runs for #ssf on the staff-chat.net IRC network. And it runs great since – actually I forgot when I first started it – maybe already a decade or so.

Its primary purpose is to announce new posts posted in a vBulletin forum to an IRC channel. It does a great job and maybe that’s why you found this page.

Did you come here because you want to use it for your forum, too? In this be advised: Don’t do it. Sure, it does its job. But there are possibly a bazillion other IRC bots out there that du the job just as well as this one. But the primary reason is that it runs on top of Net::IRC which is deprecated almost as long as the bot is old.

Did you come here because you think it is a great opportunity to dig into Perl and learn how to use POE::Component::IRC by porting the vBot to it? Maybe you want to try writing your own bot in Python instead. But if you really want to do it in Perl you can get the source code here:



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